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A Letter from
Richard L. Heideman, MD 
Chief, Pediatric Oncology 

University of New Mexico: 

Dear Donors,

A sobering and little known fact is that more deaths occur from cancer than any other disease that affects children.  As recently as the 1970’s, only 25% of these patients were expected to be long term survivors. The good news is that laboratory research and several generations of carefully designed clinical trials have led us to an era in which 75% of childhood cancer is now curable!

The Pediatric Oncology Program at UNM is the only source of diagnosis and treatment for children with cancer in New Mexico. A dedicated team of specially trained and experienced physicians, nurses, social workers and others provides comprehensive care for children with these diseases.  Active participation in National Cancer Institute sponsored clinical trials assures that patients receive state-of-the-art therapy.  Several team members hold national research and clinical leadership positions and are responsible for the development of new approaches to treatment that have been adopted nationwide.

Your donations help pay for the research and treatment that make these cures possible. Please give whatever you can to help make sure that we can continue to do the work and provide the care that gives every child with cancer in New Mexico the opportunity beat this deadly disease.

More information on how to help is available by contacting: The UNM Pediatric Oncology Program, MSC10 550, 1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131.

Thank you for your help!

Richard L. Heideman, MD
Chief, Pediatric Oncology
University of New Mexico

Donate to Children's Cancer Clinic, UNM Hospital:

By visiting UNMH on the web at https://www.unmfund.org/fund/childrens-miracle-network/


Mail your donation: (please note on payment for UNM Children Cancer Clinic)

Janet Vargas Memorial Fund
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